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Down Low 12 Pack

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Low Alcohol Pale Ale | 0.5% | 12 x 440ml

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All the flavour of great pale ales yet no alcohol mans you can have a few of these after work midweek without worry of feeling it in the morning. Have a slab ready to go in the fridge for that quick guilt-free fix of quality craft ale any time.

A juicy, hazy 0.5% pale for people who love craft beer and want less booze.
This is a modern style low alcohol beer for craft beer lovers. It looks like beer, tastes like beer, and is made in the same way we make our other pale beers, just with a few tweaks to make sure the booze is super low. We don’t want our low alcohol offer to be a bottom-shelf afterthought – this beer is at the heart of what we do and brew today.
Loris is packed with top quality hops and is juicy as hell, with a soft mouthfeel, great colour and a gentle haze. It looks SO GOOD in the glass. It’s a proper craft low alcohol beer.

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Water, Barley, Wheat, Oats, Hops, Yeast


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