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Wayne - Brew York Co-Founder and Managing Director


Co-Founder and Managing Director

Brew York started life in Wayne’s shed back in 2013, but now Wayne steers the brewery ship in the right direction (whilst still doing a little bit of everything!). He loves getting out and representing Brew you at festivals and events, enjoying great beer and good company.

Lee - Brew York Co-Founder and Production Director


Co-Founder and Production Director

Co-Founder Lee leads our production team in their never ending journey to create something new and exciting. Hugely passionate and creative innovator with a love of beer, brewing, cooking, cinema and playing poker. Lee’s most at home brewing at the crack of dawn to Slipknot, Korn and System of a Down!

Alison - Brew York HR Director


HR Director

Supported Brew York from the beginning and now dealing with all things people, so there’s never a dull day working here with lots of variety and challenges. Alison’s never been a huge beer fan but with a bit of help and perseverance is starting to learn what she does and doesn’t like.


Head Brewer

Spending the last several years working in breweries across England, Jonny has realised he’s never happier than when he’s sat in a cosy pub drinking a pint of cask with his chihuahua, Pepper. Where better to do that than York?



Meet Ben, our talented and passionate brewer! With years of experience in the industry, Ben has developed a deep love for crafting the perfect beer. His attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident in every batch he brews. When he’s not tinkering with new recipes, you can find Ben sharing his knowledge and expertise with the team, always eager to help others improve their brewing skills.


QC Manager

Meet our QC Manager Alan! When he’s not working hard in the brewery lab, Alan is a volunteer fireman for the North York Moors Railway, and a part-owner of Finn Harps F.C.


Apprentice Brewer

Meet our Apprentice Brewer Jack! When he’s not helping us to make our craft beer, Jack is an avid gamer and enjoys attending gigs.


Sales Director

Yousef, our Sales Director, is someone who is passionate about the outdoors and loves to spend his free time exploring nature. He is an avid hiker and camper, and enjoys nothing more than a weekend spent in the great outdoors. When he’s not out in nature, Yousef can often be found binge-watching episodes of The Simpsons, which he considers to be one of the greatest TV shows of all time.


Head of Business Development

Meet Tyler, a man of few words but many talents. Despite his quiet demeanour, he is a hardworking and dedicated employee who always gets the job done. Tyler’s work speaks for itself, and his attention to detail is unparalleled.

Sam - Brew York Sales and Logistics Manager


Sales and Logistics Manager

As our resident Export guru, Sam is the one that gets our beer over international borders. She's worn many hats during her time at Brew York, so if there's ever a question, the answer is usually "ask Sam"! She can often be found rocking in a corner swearing about Brexit... Or shooting Thom with a Nerf gun.


York Sales Executive

Meet Jess! Jess is from Teesside but has been a York native for years. You may see her bobbin around York as the Brew York Sales Executive so say hi if you see her! Her favourite beers are modern pale ales and anything that is outside the box! When she isn't chatting over a pint Jess is an aerial dance teacher and an avid metalhead.


London Regional Account Manager

Joe is our very own token Londoner. Joe loves talking about brewing and drinking all types of craft beer. Joe was already a huge Brew York fan when he joined in 2022, so when the opportunity to sell his favourite beer ‘Haze of Thunder’ he was ‘well appy!’ Away from craft beer, Joe loves eating out with his wife, walking his dog Winnie, and supporting Aston Villa!


Sales Admin

Joanna joined us in the sales team after working as our Pocklington bar manager and after helping out at various beer festivals - she loves the brand so much that she just didn't want to leave and can often be found popping up at many events! When she's not sampling new beers; visiting new breweries or organising beer-tasting getaways she loves watching Marvel; D.C. films and Star Wars ... oh and the odd bit of camping!


Marketing & Social Media Manager

Hailing from Hull, Pete is a self-proclaimed ‘craft beer geek’ who works as our Marketing & Social Media Manager. When he’s not wasting hours away on Instagram, Pete is a weekend wanderer and spends most of his free time hiking across the UK.

Ant - Brew York Digital Content and Design Manager


Digital Content and Design Manager

Ant may sound Southern but he’s born of Yorkshire stock and he now runs the Digital Content and Design side here at Brew York. He has put his hand to many things on his route here like chef, printer, web-nerd, and bassist in numerous touring bands along with running backstage at various rock festivals.

Andy - Brew York Events Manager


Events & Sales Manager

Andy, otherwise known as Watters, is our original bar manager who now manages Events & Sales. His favourite pastime is falling asleep as you will see from the photo as he wouldn’t let us take one when he was awake.


Financial Controller

The Numbers Guy. Chris has combined his love of craft beer with an accountancy career by joining us as Finance Manager. Away from the brewery, you’ll find him cruising the Yorkshire countryside on his mountain bike.


Accounts Assistant

Meet our Accounts Assistant Ali! A self-confessed Jack of all trades, and master of none, Ali likes exploring lots of different hobbies outside of work.

Glenn - Brew York General Assistant


Senior Packaging Lead

It may sound strange for a worker in a brewery but Glenn is a massive fan of craft beer and a lover of beer festivals. When he isn't at beer fest he loves to listen to heavy metal whilst supping mead. Fave beer is Juice Forsyth.


Packaging Lead

Henry is a local lad from York, and joins us as our Packaging Lead! Outside the workplace, Henry likes to play ultimate frisbee with his local sports club, and take care of the chickens and sheep on his family’s farm.


Packaging Lead

Meet Kieran, our packaging lead who has an incredible sense of humour and loves to keep the team entertained. Recently, Kieran dressed up as Sully from Monsters Inc. for Halloween and brought smiles to everyone’s faces. When he’s not busy making us laugh, Kieran is dedicated to ensuring our packaging is top-notch and represents our brand with excellence.


Packaging Assistant

Originally from Norwich, Mikey joins us after living out in Seattle for 15 years. Outside of work, he loves hiking, playing guitar really loud in bands, collecting records, going to gigs and drinking barrel-aged beers from around the world. As an ex-chef, he loves cooking and learning all sorts of international cuisine (he also makes bomb-ass tacos!)

Jayson - Brew York Warehouse Manager


Warehouse Manager

With a career in logistics Jayson is a stickler for order and a lover of an EAN-14 code. Lover of football being a Man Utd season ticket holder however he isn’t a beer fan which is strange at a brewery. Fear not, the Jack Daniels doesn’t last long around him.


Deputy Warehouse Manager

Hailing from Denmark Jesper works as Deputy Warehouse Manager. Outside of work, Jesper spends most of his time with family as well as making music, and training in Shotokan karate.


Drayperson & Warehouse Assistant

Arthur is an avid musician, and he spends most of his time laying down some great tunes in his home studio. If it sounds good you can find him doing it!


Drayperson & Warehouse Assistant

Tim is from Malton, which he insists is not his fault. When he grew up, he wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. To deal with the bitter blow dealt to him by reality he started mucking-in in breweries, and has learned a trick or two as he's gone along. He'd still really like to be a Ninja Turtle though.


Construction Manager

Tony, or 'useful Tony' as we call him, is our in-house handyman but when he's not building all sorts of stuff for us he loves to chill by watching stacks of sport. F1, football and rugby union are his favourites.

Sal - Brew York Upkeep Engineer


Upkeep Engineer

Our pint sized Mary Poppins who keeps everything ship shape. She loves nothing more than a cheeky rosé and gherkins and being in nature. Absolute horror nut, the gorier the better!

Russ - Brew York Maintenance Manager


Maintenance Manager

Russell is a master with the tools, fixer of all things bar related. He enjoys nothing more than encouraging Watters to sort his Lindrs out and supping on a pint of Maris.


Bar Operations Director

Meet our Bar Operations Director John! Having worked in the industry for 35 years, John has extensive experience cutting his teeth at Black Sheep Brewery, Stonegate Enterprise Inns, and Marstons. Outside of work, John enjoys pursuing various hobbies. He has a passion for photography and is particularly interested in aerial photography, capturing stunning images from unique perspectives. Additionally, John loves nothing more than babysitting and spending time with his granddaughter.

Liam - Bar Manager


Bar Operations Manager

Master of pint pulling with a background in cocktails and co-creator of hoptails. Liam is Bar Operations Manager running the floor and making sure you all get through the door, as long as you haven’t had too many already.


Bar Manager: Taproom & Beerhall

After 13 years living and working in York, our Walmgate Bar Manager Jack is glad to have gotten back to his family's Northern roots. When not serving pints he can be found exploring the local pubs, catching a movie or going to watch a gig or two


Assistant Manager: Taproom & Beerhall

Originally from Cumbria, Jessie has over 14 years experience working within the hospitality industry and works as our Assistant Manager at our York Taproom. Jessie is a huge fan of sour beers, and loves spending time outside the workplace with her 4 adorable doggos, Bonnie, Clyde, Layla, & Opie!


Assistant Manager: Taproom & Beerhall

James, or ‘Digby’ as we call him, is our Assistant Manager at our York Taproom & Beerhall. When he’s not giving first-class tours around our brewery, Digby likes to participate in Viking reenactment events!


Bar Supervisor: Taproom & Beerhall

Tom is the Beer slinging, Musical singing, Flamboyant pirate of the Walmgate Taproom and Beer Hall. Enjoying all types of beers, wines and cocktails he has turned his pass-time into a professional passion project. Home brewing, Cocktail shaking, Sprit swilling and Beer drinking inside and out of BrewYork. When not drinking and entertaining Tom likes to build motorbikes and travel the paths less travelled round the mountains and lakes.


Bar Supervisor: Taproom & Beerhall

Meet Harry, our Bar Supervisor! Harry brings years of experience in crafting delicious cocktails and providing top-notch service, he is a true expert. Harry’s passion for mixology and attention to detail ensure that every drink he makes is perfectly balanced. When not behind the bar, Harry enjoys exploring new bars and restaurants in the city and experimenting with new cocktail recipes at home.


Shop Manager - York

Originally from Stoke, Charntelle moved to York for her undergraduate studies before getting involved in the craft beer industry. When she’s not working in the shop, Charntelle can usually be found spending all her income at concerts.


Shop Manager - York

Meet Matty, the Shop Manager at Brew York! Matty is a true beer enthusiast with a passion for exploring new styles and flavours. His favourite Brew York beer is the Tonkoko milk stout. With his friendly personality and expertise, Matty is always happy to answer any questions or recommend a beer that suits your taste buds.


Bar Manager: Handley Tap

Meet our Bar Manager Daisy! When she’s not looking after our Handley Tap venue in Osbaldwick, Daisy is a keen runner and enjoys taking part in running events across the UK.


Bar Manager: Leeds

Meet James, our Leeds bar manager who has a passion for all things beer and whiskey. When he’s not pouring drinks, you can find him spending quality time with his furry friends - cats and dogs. With years of experience in the industry, James knows how to create the perfect atmosphere for a night out. He’s always happy to chat and share recommendations for the perfect beverage to suit your taste.


Bar Manager: Pocklington

Ginger-beardy Pocklington native, Dom has been frequenting the original Tap Room since Brew York’s early days, and more recently the Beer Hall and Market Tap. As he was hanging around so much anyway, we figured we may as well give him some work to do and he jumped at the opportunity to escape the boring world of Facilities Management! When not in pubs and bars for either professional or social reasons, Dom can often be found listening to music with his cat, both of whom share Lee’s taste in music that should come with a health warning!


Brew York Mascot

Tia is our original brew dog and a beloved member of our team. She’s a friendly, well-behaved dog with a great personality. She’s always happy to greet customers and is a favourite among regulars. Tia loves to hang out with the staff and is always up for a good rub behind her ears.


Therapy Dog

Luca is a lovable and friendly therapy dog at Brew York. Luca loves spending time with people and bringing joy to everyone around him. He is a regular fixture at the brewery and is always happy to greet visitors with a wagging tail and a big smile. In his free time, Luca enjoys playing fetch, going for walks, and snuggling up with his favourite humans.


Bar Dog

Kimmy is our friendly bar dog at Brew York. After recently retiring from working as a gun dog, Kimmy loves spending time with our team and bringing joy to everyone around her. She is a regular fixture at our bars and is always happy to greet visitors with a wagging tail and a big smile.