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Wayne - Brew York Co-Founder and Managing Director


Co-Founder and Managing Director

Brew York started life in Wayne’s shed back in 2013, but now Wayne steers the brewery ship in the right direction (whilst still doing a little bit of everything!). He loves getting out and representing Brew you at festivals and events, enjoying great beer and good company.

Lee - Brew York Co-Founder and Production Director


Co-Founder and Production Director

Co-Founder Lee leads our production team in their never ending journey to create something new and exciting. Hugely passionate and creative innovator with a love of beer, brewing, cooking, cinema and playing poker. Lee’s most at home brewing at the crack of dawn to Slipknot, Korn and System of a Down!

Alison - Brew York HR Director


HR Director

Supported Brew York from the beginning and now dealing with all things people, so there’s never a dull day working here with lots of variety and challenges. Alison’s never been a huge beer fan but with a bit of help and perseverance is starting to learn what she does and doesn’t like.


Commercial Director

With nearly 10 years of experience working in the alcohol industry, Marc is an expert in all things sales! Outside the workplace, Marc is Captain of his local golf club and coordinates various fundraising events for the community.

Tony - Brew York Sales Director


Head of Wholesale & Special Projects

Tony's spent a life in hospitality, a decade in FMCG Sales with some awesome brands and joined the Brew York family mid 2019. He was falsely nicknamed (Nuggs Thief) within a week of employment and knew he’d found a happy new home. Tony, his wife, and his young family love the great outdoors, Yorkshire coast beach days, bikes, beers, and biscuits when not with the little ones.

Sam - Brew York Sales and Logistics Manager


Sales and Logistics Manager

As our resident Export guru, Sam is the one that gets our beer over international borders. She's worn many hats during her time at Brew York, so if there's ever a question, the answer is usually "ask Sam"! She can often be found rocking in a corner swearing about Brexit... Or shooting Thom with a Nerf gun.

Luke - Brew York Regional Sales Manager


Head of On Trade

This is Luke, you can usually find him carrying cold ones and getting all our beery goodness across the country into your favourite bars, bottle shops and online retailers.

Thom - Brew York Sales Executive


Sales Executive

Thom's the perfect person to do the York sales as he frequents most of the bars. A man about town, he can’t walk through the city without stopping several times to say hi to people. Local lad done good.


Sales Admin

Sam came from Lincoln after studying Audio Production at university, he then cut his teeth in the beer industry as The House of Trembling Madness running their bars and warehouse. Whilst he's not drinking his favourite IPA or DIPAs he loved BBing and smoking on his own smoker, he is also an avid fan of board games and D&D.


Head of Marketing

Hailing from Harrogate, Rachel is a self-proclaimed “beer-drinking Yorkshire lass!” and an expert in branding and communications! Rachel has vast experience working within the arts, culture, beer, and festival community and was awarded Winner of the British Guild of Beer Writers Best Beer Writer, Regional Media silver award in 2021. Outside of Brew York, Rachel is also the Founder of Women On Tap CIC and Harrogate Beer Week.


Marketing & Social Media Manager

Hailing from Hull, Pete is a self-proclaimed ‘craft beer geek’ who works as our Marketing & Social Media Manager. When he’s not wasting hours away on Instagram, Pete is a weekend wanderer and spends most of his free time hiking across the UK.

Ant - Brew York Digital Content and Design Manager


Digital Content and Design Manager

Ant may sound Southern but he’s born of Yorkshire stock and he now runs the Digital Content and Design side here at Brew York. He has put his hand to many things on his route here like chef, printer, web-nerd, and bassist in numerous touring bands along with running backstage at various rock festivals.

Andy - Brew York Events Manager


Events Manager

Andy, otherwise known as Watters, is our original bar manager who now manages all our events and beer festivals. His favourite pastime is falling asleep as you will see from the photo as he wouldn’t let us take one when he was awake.


Packaging Assistant

Dominic has been a local York resident for well over 11 years now and whilst he's not trying out new and exciting beers he loves to practice his golf, maybe a few in the 19th hole too! A lover of all things rock he also loves to jam out some tunes on his guitar.

Jacob - Brew York Finance Manager


Finance Manager

The Numbers Guy. He’s combined his interest in craft beer with an accountancy career by joining us as Finance Manager. His fave Brew York beers are Imperial Tonkoko, with Lupu Lion coming in close second. An avid mountain biker and keen home cook, with a Brazilian Xin-Xim curry being his favourite dish to cook.

Monty - Brew York Accounts Assistant


Accounts Assistant

Numbers 1. Background in accountancy moving from a similar role to Brew York. Grew up neighbouring York and re-located in the North East for uni. Desire for beer strengthened here with a number of brewing spots. Key favourites being Wylam and Brinkburn brewery. Enjoys watching football, cooking mostly fake-aways, films, traveling and festivals in the summer.

Lee - Brew York Drayperson



Lee absolutely loves going to the gym and cycling when he isn't lugging beer about to all our customers. Along with watching movies he is a massive lover of cider, the proper scrumpy style stuff too.

Tom - Brew York Head Brewer


Head Brewer

A Southerner from from London Tom has escaped the hustle and bustle for York, previously heading the team at Partizan Brewery on the famous Bermondsey Beer Mile. Away from the brewery you’ll find him cruising the Yorkshire countryside on his mountain bike.

Josh - Brew York Production Brewer


Production Brewer

Hailing from Doncaster but spending a decade and a bit in the big smoke (God bless you, London!) I’ve worked for London Beer Factory, Beavertown, Belleville, and have just spent a year at Buxton, reuniting with my good pal Nick Hinton, Head Brewer over there, and former head brewer at LBF, learning some more beer wizardry with him and co. Buzzing to be back in Yorkshire! Bring on the Tonka!


Production Brewer

Tom has come to us as a Production Brewer from a line of great breweries, Salt and Northern Monk to name a few. Whilst not working here has a love of making fine ciders (more like a wine than your standard scrumpy). He also loves indoor bouldering and listening to hardcore punk and metal.

Nadia - Brew York Apprentice Brewer


Assistant Brewer

Came from hospitality, wanted to go from serving beer to making it. Favourite beer sours and west coast IPAs. Love animals, beer, books and camping

Jon - Brew York Brewery Assistant


Trainee Cellar Manager

Jon is probably just a little bit too into pirates for an ostensibly grown adult. Still, that passion brings a real enthusiasm for booze of all kinds. A background making gin, rum and whisky, they have joined Brew York to get to grips with the world of beer.

Ewan - Brew York Apprentice Brewer


Apprentice Brewer

Ewan is our resident pro-gamer and lover of beer. He loves nothing more than pwning noobs on DOTA and World of Warcraft whilst supping a brew and jamming out on his guitar.


Apprentice Brewer

Meet our Apprentice Brewer Jack! When he’s not helping us to make our craft beer, Jack is an avid gamer and enjoys attending gigs.


QC Manager

Meet our QC Manager Alan! When he’s not working hard in the brewery lab, Alan is a volunteer fireman for the North York Moors Railway, and a part-owner of Finn Harps F.C.


Packaging Manager

Jarno has returned to the Brew York team after taking a break over at our friends at Vocation Brewing. It goes without saying he absolutely loves his beer but when he's not sinking a few tasty ones he loves the great outdoors and mountain biking, if he's not out getting all muddy then you'll find him smashing hell out of his drum kit.

Glenn - Brew York General Assistant


Packaging Lead

It may sound strange for a worker in a brewery but Glenn is a massive fan of craft beer and a lover of beer festivals. When he isn't at beer fest he loves to listen to heavy metal whilst supping mead. Fave beer is Juice Forsyth.


Packaging Assistant

Kieran is a huge rugby league fan and an avid supporter of Leeds Rhinos (despite being a local York lad!). When he’s not working as Packaging Assistant, Kieran can be found gaming on his PS4 and sipping away on a Lupu Lion!

Jayson - Brew York Warehouse Manager


Warehouse Manager

With a career in logistics Jayson is a stickler for order and a lover of an EAN-14 code. Lover of football being a Man Utd season ticket holder however he isn’t a beer fan which is strange at a brewery. Fear not, the Jack Daniels doesn’t last long around him.


General Assistant

Arthur is an avid musician, and he spends most of his time laying down some great tunes in his home studio. If it sounds good you can find him doing it!


Construction Manager

Tony, or 'useful Tony' as we call him, is our in-house handyman but when he's not building all sorts of stuff for us he loves to chill by watching stacks of sport. F1, football and rugby union are his favourites.

Sal - Brew York Upkeep Engineer


Upkeep Engineer

Our pint sized Mary Poppins who keeps everything ship shape. She loves nothing more than a cheeky rosé and gherkins and being in nature. Absolute horror nut, the gorier the better!

Russ - Brew York Maintenance Manager


Maintenance Manager

Russell is a master with the tools, fixer of all things bar related. He enjoys nothing more than encouraging Watters to sort his Lindrs out and supping on a pint of Maris.

John - Brew York Director Of Bar Operations


Director Of Bar Operations

The creator of our amazing hoptails and the one that makes all our bars look great. Can be a bit miserable with a colourful vocabulary but will always put everything in to getting a job done.

Liam - Bar Manager


Operations Manager

Master of pint pulling with a background in cocktails and co-creator of hoptails. Liam is the tap room and beer hall manager running the floor and making sure you all get through the door, as long as you haven’t had too many already.


Assistant Manager - York

Originally from Cumbria, Jessie has over 14 years experience working within the hospitality industry and works as our Assistant Manager at our York Taproom. Jessie is a huge fan of sour beers, and loves spending time outside the workplace with her 4 adorable doggos, Bonnie, Clyde, Layla, & Opie!


Bars Events Co-ordinator

James, or ‘Digby’ as we call him, is our Bars Events Co-ordinator at our York Taproom & Beerhall. When he’s not giving first-class tours around our brewery, Digby likes to participate in Viking reenactment events!


Shop Assistant

This is Ozz, you can usually find him working in our shop at our Brew York Taproom & Beer Hall. Outside of work, Ozz is a self-proclaimed comic book nerd and enjoys taking part in historical reenactment and table-top-gaming events.


Bar Manager - Leeds

Meet our Bar Manager Emma! When she’s not looking after our New Briggate venue in Leeds, Emma is a keen photographer and fitness fanatic!

Dom - Bar Manager Pocklington


Bar Manager Pocklington

Ginger-beardy Pocklington native, Dom has been frequenting the original Tap Room since Brew York’s early days, and more recently the Beer Hall and Market Tap. As he was hanging around so much anyway, we figured we may as well give him some work to do and he jumped at the opportunity to escape the boring world of Facilities Management! When not in pubs and bars for either professional or social reasons, Dom can often be found listening to music with his cat, both of whom share Lee’s taste in music that should come with a health warning!