Two Tribes Arrival

Today we open our, rather frozen, doors to our friends from the big smoke. King’s Cross, to be precise. Those guys are Two Tribes Brewing and they are one of London’s newest and coolest breweries. It’s going to be a huge brew today too, not just a simple straight forward IPA or stout, no… today we go big. Really, really big.

Digging out that grain took quite a while!

Today the two breweries combine to create a Cherry & Tonka Quadrupel. See, we said big. THe mash tun is filled to the very brim with grain and the wort is as thick as treacle already before we add the inverted sugar to give it even more oompff. The ABV at the moment is looking like a 12 % behemoth, the way the mash is progressing we may be underestimating that!

This magical concoction will be going into keg and 440ml can to be released in March. The name, well when Two Tribes come knocking and you love a bit of Frankie Goes to Hollywood (who doesn’t) then the lovechild known as Skoda War is born. Two Tribes Skoda War will not only be canned and kegged but it will be laid down in Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrels to impart that beautiful flavour into an already amazing 12 (ish) percent cherry quad. That will be something worth fighting for.

The guys from Two Tribes will be here tonight too with ten of their beers on show here in the Beer Hall. They will be doing a tasting and describing each one as we go through, plus we are releasing It’s This Way Tony too, our Amarillo Pale. We’ll be going through the tasting notes of that beer also so come down, plenty going on tonight in the Beer Hall.