Twisted Transistor

A while back we brought out a beer called Renegades of Funk which was a Sour NEIPA and it went down so well we’ve decided to look again at this style of beer and come up with an all new version. This time channelling our love of both Nu-Metal and those magical things known as cryo hops we’ve joined the two together to make one hell of a beer.

Hey you, Devil’s little sister

We’ve packed this can full of both T90 and cryo Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic making this a hop heavy beauty then gently soured the result giving us a beautifully well rounded NEIPA which has a crisp sharp refreshing hit to it. This makes it a perfect brew for the summer or for quaffing as sometimes too many super dank NEIPAs can become too much. Sometimes.

Running at a 7.1% this isn’t a light weight beast either but it drinks so good you wouldn’t notice it. Well. You will, but only after a couple if you get our drift. Beautifully smooth and hoppy this will be one to look out for.

Available in the web store now and from quality refreshment hostelries soon.