Time for a beer, hold the gluten!

Catering for people’s varying tastes as well as diets is a tricky thing to do but also a necessary one if you are to have a good following in a thriving beer scene. We are already 100% vegetarian with every brew we make and with more and more brews coming out without our only non vegan ingredient, lactose (milk sugar), most are now vegan too. We didn’t want to stop there, we want everyone to be able to try our beer, so we decided to make a gluten free brew.

It’s all about the quality

Matt, keeping the quality and flavour high in all our brews

The easy way to make a gluten free beer would be quite simply to put hardly anything into the initial mash and then strip out what ever was left. The less there is to start with the easier it would be to extract and stabilise. But we like beer, and we like our beer to take like proper, good, beer; no matter what style, type or even specialist diet brew it may happen to be. If we didn’t want to drink it ourselves then there’s no point doing it. Like our motto states, we always want to be ‘brewing it right’.

Taking your time to do it right

The appliance of science

It may look from the outside we are late to the party, there are other beers out there that are already gluten free and many are great brews. We wanted to make sure ours was as good if not better than these so we took our time. Brewing, tasting, adding more hops, maybe a bit more malt here and there, tasting some more and sending it off to the lovely men and women in the white coats to do the science checks on it. After numerous long months we finally had a beer we were very happy with, and not only that, the science types gave us the big thumbs up. Full accreditation to call the beer gluten free. Get in.

Just like busses

Well we all know the old adage about busses, and this would seem to ring true here as well. Not only did we make an awesome gluten free beer that we were very proud of…. but we went and made TWO! Boom!

The first one, code-named Cereal Killa, is a West Coast style IPA full of Columbus, Amarillo, Citra, Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops. Hop forward in flavour and at 6.5% nothing to be sniffed at in poke, available in keg. The second is a cask beer code-named Glutenous Minimus, a 4.2% Pale ale full of Columbus, Citra and Ekuanot hops. Hopefully they are well received by all but especially by our friends with a gluten intolerance that stops them drinking great beer. Here’s to you guys. We got ya!

Both beers are available now from our Beer Hall, Tap Room & Webstore plus other great pubs around the country.