Three is the magic number

It feels like a blur but we have in fact been in possession of brewing equipment for a whole three years now. Maybe not a fully functioning brewery as such for those three years as you need to connect everything, check, check and treble check everything but the splendid shiny stuff has been in situ for this time.

Expanding vessels

We initially started up with a 10BBL brew house with four small fermenting vessels, but in those short three years we have expanded up to a site popping 160Hl (16,000 l) fermenting vessels with another 50 Hl to come! Not only the fermenters have grown, we now have a huge 72 Hl hot water tank plus 150Hl worth of conditioning tanks to enable the beer to reach peak quality before its sent out to you.

We are looking at upgrading those conditioning tanks with another 50 Hl soon which will compliment the dedicated glycol cooling systems, compressed air loom and CO? banks run directly from our dedicated in-house liquid CO? tank. With all this equipment it sounds like we wouldn’t have much room left, but because all the gas cylinders have been replaced by dedicated systems and a bit of clever redesign of the brew house, we can even have a dedicated infusion vessel for all that coconut in Tonkoko. Not only that, we now have our own in-house canning line to keep the quality of our product under our control at all times.


  • Being awarded 7th best stout in the world for Imperial Tonkoko
  • Barrel Ageing Empress Tonkoko in Bourbon casks
  • Opening up the Beer Hall
  • Updating our cans to 440ml
  • Opening up the Web Store
  • Numerous awards from festivals
  • Collaborating with some truly wonderful people brewing beers
  • Getting our new pilot kit delivered ready for some cool brews

Where next?

We’ve come so far, but we still have a long way to go. Coming up will be our official brewery birthday bash with some great brewery friends coming up to showcase their awesome beers. After that we’ll hopefully be getting our pilot kit installed into the Beer Hall and start doing small batch proper mad beers. Along side that we’ll be installing brite tanks into the Beer Hall to serve you some beer in absolute perfect condition.

Per ardua ad astra.