Point of Sale Artwork Tweak

We’ve had a new can design for a little while now and we really love it, more space for the great artwork, a clean crisp design layout and the flavour web design on the back so at a glance you can see all you need to know about the beer inside. Alongside the cans we also updated the keg rounds to incorporate more of the design but also the can’s vertical text layout. Over the last 6 months or so, at numerous festivals and seeing social media posts from bars, we’ve noticed people can’t get their head around the vertical text of the original layout, either tilting their heads or with bars putting the keg round on the wrong way up.

There was obviously an issue which we’ve seen first hand and so it was time to go back to the drawing board and tweak the design to help all put across our idea of a cool design for a great beer. So here it is, the new keg lens. Gone is the band to the right with the text in a vertical layout, in with the name front and centre, horizontally, clean & simple. Doing this simple step also allows for more artwork to be visible which is always a bonus and with the obvious Brew York logo always in the same place at the top and picked out with the same colour palate as the main banner it all ties in beautifully.

So now you guys wont have to tilt your heads to read the beer name and just get straight into enjoying the artwork and the great beer that comes to you from the tap. Perfect.

Keg Lens Artwork

Pump Clip Artwork

We’ve also brought our cask pump clips more in line with the can branding giving more emphasis on the cool artwork so it really stands out on the bar. And with the logo nice and big at the top in a custom cut out pump clip you can spot a Brew York beer from across the bar wherever you are!

Can Artwork

We’ve always loved the can design and think it really works so we’ve done nothing with them apart from filling them with the best beer we can. Job done.

In conclusion

So, over the coming months you will hopefully see the new branding coming out into all your favourite bars and restaurants, there may be instances where you see two different designs because the venue hasn’t changed an old clip for a new (or that they’ve put the new design on sideways to match the old style) but bear with us. It’s not an indicator of old beer if its served with an old style clip, it still will be the freshest out there just that the clip design may not have reached that venue and been swapped over. As you can imagine there will be many hundreds of old design clips out there and it will take a little time swapping them all out. Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy the new designs along with the great beers.

See you at the bar!