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It’s our third birthday coming up soon and so alongside the big bash we are having here what better way to celebrate than make a special beer for the festivities? Well I guess the better way would be to do FOUR! We’ve teamed up with the local art gallery Art of Protest who are also celebrating their birthday, for them their second, to come together and produce some killer artwork for the cans.

  • ‘Beer of Protest’ No.1 features the unique street design aesthetic of Prefab77 ( New England Rose featuring ‘English Rose’ of the ‘Gangs, Goddesses and Groupies’ collection makes for an excellent pairing with our latest New England IPA featuring new year Citra and Mosaic Cryo alongside Ekuanot T90.
  • ‘Beer of Protest’ No. 2 features the highly structured graphical images of Ben Allen ( Ben’s intricate compositions are a natural fit with the depth and complexity of this sweet and full-bodied milkshake stout featuring lashings of blueberries.
  • ‘Beer of Protest’ No. 3 features Olly Howe’s work which entangles the beauty of the modern world with that of a more surreal & fantastical existence ( Leopidoptera similarily entwines sharp rhubarb and creamy custard to conjour up memories of the much loved childhood sweet.
  • ‘Beer of Protest’ No. 4 features the artwork of the Nomad Clan. Although primarily recognised for their monumental street murals they are no novices when it comes to beer artwork ( Always ready to mix it up and bring something interesting and new, like the fruit hit of the raspberry & pomegranate in this IPA.

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