Pilot kit arrival

One and a half years ago we started the crowd funding project and as a result we’ve expanded the brewery, opened the 40 tap beer hall and bought more equipment. Part of the crowdfunding was to set up a pilot kit to enable us to brew more crazy and interesting beers. In addition to us brewing these weird and wonderful concoctions it will allow you guys to have a go yourselves on a professional piece of kit.

The three steps to happiness

Some time ago we contacted a firm in the UK to make this kit to our specifications and the wheels started to turn. There were a few minor set backs en route, as with all things, but consequently this allowed us to add a few more bits on here and there thus giving us even more bang for our buck.

The Kit

HLT7 hectolitres / 4.3 bbl
Mash Tun4 hectolitres / 2.46 bblOversized
Kettle5 hectolitres / 3.0 bblAdded whirlpool

Those of you that know your kit will recognise that this is a very large mash tun and HLT for the kettle installed. We have upped the specification on these items so we can develop huge juicy DIPAs and TIPAs alongside massively bodied Imperial stouts where the extra size becomes important. The mash tun has been oversized to enable us to add enough grain to produce beer up to 16%! The kettle has a whirlpooler to enable higher hop pellet use for better flavour extraction.

Tom is rather excited about our new delivery!

This gives us a pilot kit that is 2 bbl in size which will produce the perfect amount of beer for those more experimental brews. All beer will be brewed in high spec fermenters, before being moved to high end brite tanks and then serving tanks within the Beer Hall. This one-off brew will then be sold to patrons within the Beer Hall exclusively, it won’t even be seen in the Tap Room downstairs, that’s how exclusive it will be! If the beer is a smash then we have the ability to upscale it into a full on brew for general release. The fermenter tanks will be arriving soon so watch this space for the very first experimental brew!