Just ask for cask

The Beer Hall currently rocks 40 taps of beer, all of which fantastic brews. All of our own brews are classed as ‘real ale’ even though they are dispensed from a keg through a tap, with them even being supplied to CAMRA beer festivals as such. With the beer never being filtered before going into keg it completely passes all CAMRAs strict control for the real ale moniker.

Many people want to drink their beer from a cask for its unique qualities and who are we to argue? We have a great line up of cask beers in our Tap Room and they are very popular but as yet nothing available at all times in the Beer Hall. Until now…

New dispensing systems in place.

We have introduced a system to allow us to pour cask beer through our wall dispensers to give you the perfect pint of cask ale, every time! Nothing touches the beer as it goes through the system in fact as it’s not agitated by the hand pull the pint is beautifully still, just like a gravity pour beer in most, if not all, CAMRA beer festivals.

So you can now get your cask on in the Beer Hall, and we’re super excited to let you try it! Look to the first couple of tap lines for your fix. If you are unsure about what’s on just ask our helpful bar staff to point the way.

Remember, just ask for cask!