hoptimistic ali

If you are an avid follower of Brew York, and frankly why wouldn’t you be, then you wont be a stranger to the Hoptimist range of beers we make. Every year we do a new one with a similar vein of flavours but with a slightly different approach.

This year is no different and we have come up with a new brew titled Hoptimistic Ali with the same punch as the great man himself. We’ve managed to get hold of some fantastic US hops direct from their supplier across the pond and not just your standard T90 pellets. No, we’ve gone all cryo in addition to the T90s filling this beer with as many CTZ, Lorel, Mosaic and Citra hops as we could.

Hoptimistic Ali is a super hoppy DIPA with a great strength of 8.9% meaning just like the legend it can float like a butterfly but still be able to sting like a bee. This utter delight of a beer will be available soon in all good bars and from our webshop from Wednesday.