Go big or go home!

We’ve had plenty going on in the brewery over the last few months, so much so that the regular blog has fell to the wayside. However as you can see there is a reason for this, something rather shiny and new.

We have such sights to show you…

As you can see we have a brand new Brew York website. We’ve been trimming bits here and there, and polishing the odd picture and hopefully its all working well. For the next few weeks we may have some teething issues but fingers crossed all things will still work just as well, if not better, than before.

We have new sections like the Beer section which breaks each of our beers down into its ingredients and a bit of a back story to each. You can also filter out our core range or our collabs etc if you want to, it may look sparse but worry not more will be added as we brew.

There is also an events page where we will publish not only every event held here in the brewery but also all beer launches, tap take overs, meet the brewers and more. Basically if you want to see if anything is going on for a certain date near you, it’ll be here. Again you can drill down to things like just beer launches or special events and it’ll show only them. If an event has an entry fee like our upcoming Birthday Bash, you can buy ticket directly here.

We have also added in our awesome in-house kitchen under the Beer Hall heading. Here you be able to see the current menu in as full a detail as we can give you, obviously as all the food is prepared fresh every day some ingredients may change. We also have a new and exciting trial in booking a table for the legendary alternative Sunday lunches. Here you can just type in a few details, add a message if you want meaty, veggie or vegan and off it goes to the chef. You will get an email back confirming your reservation and bang! Your Sunday lunch is sorted. Get in.

With a little bit more work we hope to bring a merchandise section where you can see all our awesome Brew York gear and buy that killer T-Shirt you’ve always wanted sent straight to you, directly from us. You never know we may expand our specialist beer range into this section too enabling you to compliment that killer shirt with a can of Imperial Tonkoko! Nice!

Breaking out the big guns

Speaking of cans. The next bit of great news is that our entire can range will be moving over to 440 ml versions. This will come with a full artwork re-brand also so you get all new artwork throughout along with that all important 110 ml of extra beer. Along side this new can artwork we will be relaunching each beer as if it were new, with a full on Meet the Brewer evening, beer tasting, food pairing and artwork give-aways.

First out of the blocks will be our now legendary Empress Tonkoko going into a 440 ml behemoth of a can. Yes, you read that right…440 ml Empress! We will be releasing this at our first special evening of the year on January 17th where you can pick up a four pack of this 10.6% beast complete with a Meet the Brewer chat plus an exclusive keg pour of the beer too. This four pack is no ordinary one either as three of the four cans will be from our special wood-aged Empress Tonkoko project where we took our very first batch of Empress from last year and wood-aged it for 12 months in specially bought bourbon casks. These casks came all the way from the USA from great distilleries such as Jack Daniel’s, Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey and have imparted a sunning flavour to the beer.

These cans are limited to a batch of 500 only and if you want to pre-order a pack just head to here to put a £10 deposit down on these 12 month old beauties. Collection only at the moment due to the strict limited nature of the beer, we may ship in the near future if we can get a suitably good courier. We don’t want to lose or damage any of this precious cargo!

Delivering the goods.

So there we are, the first blog post of the year. A new website, potential merch store, new 440ml tall boy cans, Empress Tonkoko back to tantalize us and a 12 month version to swoon over. New artwork and a new drive to be bringing you the best beer we can muster along with some stunning collaborations from people you’d frankly sell a kidney for to even dream of doing one.

Stay tuned. 2019 is gonna be WILD!