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We first released Galaga some time ago to great applause, and it was a great fresh sessionable pale. Full of fruits and tropicality that we now come to expect from the American pale ale ranges, thirst quenching and vibrant. As a house favourite and, it would seem from your responses, a crowd pleaser we have brought Galaga into our core range to enable you to get hold of it all year round.

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We’ve given it a little shake up in the recipe but nothing massive. We’re using less hop in the bittering stage and more in the dry hopping to give a more fruity and floral note to the beer without overpowering it with sweetness and perfume. This means we can keep the same beer structure, the crisp juicy upfront flavour with a subtle bitterness that just refreshes you when drank but just give it a little more zing, a bit more freshness.

Basically Galaga has levelled up, and that is just fine by us. It will be available in 440ml cans in the Brewery plus our Webshop from Friday and in keg format very soon indeed in a venue near you.