Covid-19 Response

Despite yesterday’s announcement that bars can start opening from Sat 4th July in the interests of public and employee safety we will not be rushing to reopen our bars. The Market Tap in Pocklington will however reopen on a beer takeaway only basis from Wed 1st July.

Why aren’t the Brew York venues reopening on 4th July?

On the 23rd June the government confirmed that bars may begin reopening from Saturday 4th July providing social distancing measures can be adopted within venues.

In the interests of public and employee safety we have however decided that we will not be rushing to open all venues from this date. To try and rush through the required measures would be a dereliction of our duty to ensure public and employee safety. We have therefore decided that until we can reopen in a manner that we feel adequately ensures the safety of our dedicated staff and amazing customers we will not be re-opening.

Our thinking behind this is as follows…….

Firstly, we don’t think offering hospitality businesses just 10 days’ notice to implement all new measures, get staff back into the business and trained up to operate in the new socially distanced world is realistic, particularly if we are going to do this to a standard we will be happy with.

Secondly, we are dramatically changing the service model in our venues to ensure a socially distanced table service experience that we think our staff and customers can all be comfortable with. These changes cannot be finalised in the next ten days, especially as key to our new approach is an App currently in development that will allow you to pre-book tables, order and pay from your table, all done contactlessly and without unnecessary movement and social interaction within our bars.

Last and very much not least a high proportion of the beer we sell in our venues is unsurprisingly our own beer. As there was uncertainty about when bars might re-open, we weren’t about to brew fresh cask and keg beer based on a guess, particularly when the crisis has already seen us pour thousands of pounds worth of cask beer down the drain. All our beer proudly takes at least three weeks to prepare so irrespective of the challenges outlined above if we were to open on 4th July it would be with a very scant offering which is completely contrary to eclectic array of options we are known for. Regrettably the very short notice offered by the government benefits only the big corporate brewers who are content to deploy methods to accelerate beer production that for reasons of quality and integrity we would never consider. Now we have the confidence that bars are once again opening work will begin to replenish our stocks ready for the opening of our bars and many other great venues around the country.

The Market Tap (Pocklington) will open for takeout drink from Wed 1st July with Yuzu Street Food operating from 9th July and we will be exploring options for a similar service in York prior to re-opening our centre bars in a comfortably social distanced manner.

I know this will come as a disappointment to many of our loyal customers, but to summarise the above simply. If we are doing this, we are doing it right. We don’t just want you to feel ok about your return to Brew York, we want you to have absolute comfort and assurance that we have done all we can to protect you and our valuable team. So, we ask that you bear with us whilst implement these necessary changes and brew you some more super fresh beer.

In due course we will communicate final re-opening dates and complete details of the measures we are putting in place to ensure your safety and comfort in our venues.

Keep checking our social feeds for further updates and stay safe.

Team Brew York