Brew York Tasting Evening

So………… we might be a little late to the party on this one, but we have decided to do an online tasting event on Friday 1st May at 7:00pm. It’s something we’ve talked about doing since the start of the COVID lockdown, but decided that if it was something we were going to do, we had to get the format right. The fact that you have all been buying so much of our canned beer also meant the idea of producing a diverse ‘tasting pack’ up until this point would have been a challenge until now. Anyway, Apple didn’t make the first smartphone and they seem to have done alright so hopefully we’ve learned a thing or two and can say likewise after our tasting event. 

What’s happening and how can you get involved? 

All you need to do is purchase one of the tasting packs from our webshop (, before midday on Wednesday 29th April to ensure we can deliver on time. We will send you a link to the online event, and then you join us for the festivities. 

‘The Tasting Pack’ – £19 (incl free delivery) 


  • Haast’s Eagle – a 5.7% New Zealand DDH Pale  
  • Juice Forysth – our 5.0% Tropical Fruit IPA 
  • Goose Willis – our super refreshing 5.3% Gooseberry Fool Sour  
  • Tonkoko – arguably the beer we are most known for, our 4.3% Coconut, Cacao, Tonka and Vanilla Milk Stout 


  • Snyder’s Jalapeno Pretzels (spice heat goes excellent with IPA’s) 

‘The Lockdown Lock-in Tasting Pack’ – ALL SOLD OUT

For those lucky enough to get in early the “Lock-in” selection included the following additional beers: 

  • The Hoptimist 2020 – 9.1% massively hopped DIPA 
  • Empress Tonkoko – 10.6% Amplified version of the classic Tonkoko

Additional Snack 

  • Serious Pig – Crunchy Cheesy Snacks (goes great with a Stout like Imperial Tonkoko) 

Expansion Packs 

As each pack includes free delivery so why not select one of the expansion packs to maximise your free postage. 

So how will it work? 

Just join the link on the night and our two founders Lee and Wayne will be: 

  • Sampling each beer in a different be location in the brewery 
  • Talking you through each beer’s flavours, recipe and story 
  • Discussing a specialist subject in each area, like what’s the story with the branding and mad beer names? 
  • Talking about upcoming beers and what we currently have barrel ageing 
  • Answering your questions which you can place through the night on Facebook and/or Twitter or register in advance by emailing Make sure you get involved! 

How long will it last? 

2-3 hours, but that really depends on how good a job Alison makes in stopping Lee talking! 

Do I need to buy the beers to take part? 

It will be much more fun if you do, but as we love you all anyway, we will be sharing the link shortly before the event on social media 

It promises to be a fun night. We look forward to drinking and chatting with you. 

Stay Safe. Team Brew York.