Beers of Protest

It’s our third birthday coming up soon and so alongside the big bash we are having here what better way to celebrate than make a special beer for the festivities? Well I guess the better way would be to do FOUR! We’ve teamed up with the local art gallery Art of Protest who are also celebrating their birthday, for them their second, to come together and produce some killer artwork for the cans.

Olly Howe’s work entangles the beauty of the modern world with that of a more surreal & fantastical existence. Often centred around the female form Olly combines existing elements from the past with modern photography as well as hand drawn & painted motifs to create art that engages aesthetically but also challenges perception.

Nomad Clan is the collective of Cbloxx and AYLO, an internationally-acclaimed, street art muralist duo based in Manchester UK, proudly represented by The Art of Protest Gallery York and sponsored by Kobra Spray Paint.
The power and pathos in their designs, and fine art, showcase both the craft and social awareness of cultural flux for which they are known. Although primarily recognised for their iconic monumental street murals in the UK and around the world; 2018 sees this formidable collective moving their dialogues to more intimate conversations in a gallery format with the collaboration with Art of Protest Gallery, York.

There has always been a duality in the way Ben Allen makes art – this enables him an ever-evolving development of techniques and a continuous progression of ideas.
His gestural paintings channel a vivid subconscious energy and stream of aesthetic influences, using screen printing techniques to build highly structured, graphical images, which are considered, repetitive and refined alongside a subconscious onslaught of actions, hurled at the canvas until a composition emerges and finds its place.

Prefab77 is an artist working out of Newcastle for more than 20 years on large street art projects as well as fine art and limited edition print runs but essentially renowned for the finest quality graphic street arts. Peter Manning, the man behind Prefab77 has taken this creative principle to the highest level.

The pack contains:

  • New England Rose – Cryo NEIPA 6.5%
  • Stay True – Blueberry Milkshake Stout 8.1%
  • Leopidoptera – Rhubarb Sour 5.0%
  • Entropy – Raspberry & Pomegranate IPA 6.3%

This four pack will be released for our birthday on 5th April in our new Brewery Shop and via our online shop priced at £20 you can’t say fairer than that!